Med Prep School Review

In this Med Prep School review we will look at the program and find out whether it’s a proven and effective program for helping your child get into Medicine, or a waste of time.

You may have come across this Med Prep School review after attending their informational webinar – so here we will go through some of the things mentioned about the program and find out the truth about it.

What Is The Med Prep School Program?

The Med Prep School program helps students get into Medicine by providing them with guidance & tutoring for their UCAT exam and Medical interviews.

It features a dedicated team of UCAT & Medical interview experts, who help your child along their journey towards getting into Medicine.

The main benefit of the program is that your child gets access to weekly, professional help with their UCAT preparation (and Medical interview preparation when they need it). And it’s different to other companies in that the ‘Med Prep School’ team actually monitors your child’s progress and holds them accountable. This is different to other companies, which often throw random resources or tutoring sessions at your child without actually caring whether they make use of them or not.

While this is great, especially if your child is really motivated to get into Medicine and to do all of the work it takes, it can be a bit of a downside for some children who are less sure about whether Medicine is right for them. For this reason I recommend that you only enrol your child into the program if they are 100% decided on Medicine as their first choice for university. 

How Successful Is The Program?

The Med Prep School program is proven to be successful. The team behind the program have helped students with their ATAR & UCAT studies for the past 3-5 years and over this time have helped 1000 or more students. 

Within the program, your child will receive tutoring & support for 2 things – their UCAT exam and their Medical interviews.

Normally only 10% of people who sit the UCAT exam pass successfully (requiring a 90th percentile score or above to succeed). However, from students tutored by Med Prep School experts, typically around 67% of them pass the exam and achieve a score in the 90th percentile. 

Also, with the Medical interviews normally only 1/3 of applicants actually pass. The Med Prep School team typically has an 88-90% success rate.

The program is proven to work and it has proven results. You could attribute some of these positive results to the type of students that the Med Prep School program attracts – as it is made for students who start their UCAT & Medicine admissions preparation early. However overall it’s a good thing that it does this because starting early really does boost up your chances of success. 

What Does The Program Include?

The program includes…

> Weekly UCAT tutoring

> Unlimited UCAT practice questions

> UCAT video modules

> Ongoing homework tasks

> Constant monitoring of your child’s progress

> Contact with you (the parent) if your child falls off track

> Medical interview tutoring (when your child gets to this point)

> Study habits tips & videos (helping your child balance this program with their schoolwork)

Overall, this program is designed to give your child school-level support for the medical admissions process and as a result it is very in depth. 

By comparing it to other programs, you will see that the main difference is really the amount of high-quality tutoring your child receives, and also the constant monitoring of your child’s progress. Many programs give your child random tutoring classes or videos, but pretty much none of them actually check in and see whether your child is attending them, or whether they are making progress. 

Med Prep School is the only program, as far as I’m aware of, that actually monitors your child and ensures that they are consistently improving in their UCAT & medical interview preparation.

What You Will Like About The Program

  1. The guidance & support

Your child receives a lot of in-depth support & guidance for their UCAT exam & Medical interview preparation. This is really good for students who want constant contact with a tutor, and are really passionate about getting into Medicine

  1. The structure

The program’s structure works a lot like a school curriculum – where your child learns things in a sequential order over a prolonged period of time. This is really good because it means your child will never be wasting their time on ineffective UCAT or Medical interview preparation. They get a proven process to follow, they just need to get through it!

  1. The accountability

Because this program is sequential, it’s easy for the med prep school experts to monitor your child’s progress and see how they are going. The experts can see whether your child is doing well, or doing poorly, and in cases where students are doing poorly or haven’t been attending they can reach out to you and let you know. This is very different from other programs where there is no real structure or monitoring of your child’s progress.

  1. The refund policy

This program features a 30 day 100% money back guarantee – which gives students the perfect amount of time to go in, experience the classes, and make sure that it’s the right program for them.

  1. Holistic support

Most programs measure their success based on whether or not your child gets a good UCAT score. Med Prep School is the only program (as far as I’m aware of) that measures its results based on their students that get into Medicine.

This means that unlike other programs, in this program they will be talking to your child and ensuring that they complete their UCAT work without neglecting their school studies. It’s easy for UCAT specific programs to give your child a ridiculous amount of unnecessary UCAT work because it doesn’t matter to them how your child does at school. In this program though, they have a vested interest in your child succeeding in both their UCAT & school studies, and so they have sure it’s an achievable balance.

What You May Not Like About The Program

  1. Short refund policy

The refund policy is only 30 days, which could be too short for some people who want longer to try the program. I guess it’s good that they even have a refund policy (given basically no other programs provide any refunds) but it would be nice if it was a little longer.

  1. Big commitment

The program is very intensive & long. If you enrol your child into this program, they won’t really be able to undertake in any other UCAT or interview programs. This is a bit of a negative, but given the results and high-quality tutors at Med Prep School it is kind of nice to know that you can just rely on one company for everything. We do recommend checking with your child and making sure they are ok with this commitment though.

  1. Not suited for year 12’s

Most students prepare in year 12, but this program is made for year 9, 10’s & 11’s. If your child is in year 12 they may have to look for a different program. 

Final thoughts

Overall, Med Prep School is a really good program for students in year 9, 10 or 11 who want to get into Medicine.

It provides excellent tutoring & guidance, and really provides school-level support for both the UCAT and medical interviews. This is a really good program where you can simply enrol your child, and trust that they are in the right hands and are following a proven process.

It is important to remember that this program is not for Year 12 students, so if you have a child in Year 12 they will have to look for other programs.

I hope you enjoyed this Med Prep School review, and feel free to check back into this website for more similar content.

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