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If you’re looking for programs that can teach you how to make money online, then you may have come across the 12 minute affiliate system, in this 12 Minute Affiliate System Review we will talk about the program and evaluate whether it’s a worthwhile investment or not.

About The Creator

Before joing this program, you may want to learn some information about it’s creator. The author of 12 Minute Affiliate is Devon Brown. He is a moderator, Hip Hop dancer, blog writer, and speaker.

The 12 Minute Affiliate system program was initially created by him in 2001 and since then he claims to have had thousands of successful students.

He appears to have a pretty good track record, however as with all affiliate gurus there are there risks. He does seem to have some positive review online but it is a little mixed.

Is It Good?

The 12 minute affiliate system is good at giving you the basics, it’s not as expensive as other affiliate courses and as a result it gives you some good fundamentals, but it will require quite a lot of work on your own if you want to really make it work.

It is a pretty good course that covers affiliate marketing and it introduces you to advertising and promoting your own affiliate offer (which you get to choose).

Affiliate marketing in of itself is a proven way of making money online, however because it is quite popular it may take a little bit more hard work & effort than these courses tell you.

Really, before you invest in any affiliate program you should know that it’s to be treated like a job in of itself. It definitely is a lot more fun than plenty of other standard jobs, but it is something you should take seriously if you really want to make the big bucks. 

About The Pricing

The users of this affiliate marketing system have provided five options for a payment plan. So it’s straightforward to select as per your budget.

The first option is $9.95, which you can buy as a trial, and you can also test the program within 14 days. 

If you are satisfied with this program, you can subscribe for a longer time. Click Here To Get Activate Your Trial Version.

For monthly you can buy it for $47.

If you want to work on this program and understand the working of this program, you have to pay $397, which is a one-time payment.

For gold membership, it is available for $97 per month.

Yearly gold membership comes at $797, which is a one-time payment.

Final Overview

Overall, the 12 minute affiliate system is decent for people looking to get into affiliate marketing. You might as well try it out if you are a beginner or are hoping to learn more, however you may need to still do quite a bit of work on your own if you really want to make affiliate marketing work. 

This product is not a get rich quick product and it’s marketing is slightly misleading in this way. I would only recommend buying this course as a starter and only if you are really serious and committed to making affiliate marketing work. 

Really there probably are better courses out there that may serve you better, so I would do some more research into all of your options as well.

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